Decoding Lactation Photos Workbook

Marie Biancuzzo's Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos: A Continuing Education Workbook

Previously titled Marie Biancuzzo's Picture Perfect Guide to Decoding Photos

About half of the IBLCE exam questions are based on images. These images often trip up exam candidates. How can you answer those questions correctly? Want immediate feedback on your ability to answer questions?

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Get Marie Biancuzzo’s Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos. You’ll find terminology exercises, matching exercises, word-find, and test questions and more interactive exercises in every chapter. Learn to distinguish between similar but different conditions; recall and apply knowledge of typical features; solve clinical problems and more.

Designed to be used with The Breastfeeding Atlas (6th Ed) it’s perfect as you prepare for a lactation exam or improve your physical assessment skills.

"...I got 91% [on the IBLCE Exam]. I credit your materials...and The [Breastfeeding] Atlas for making this possible. Though I found all your material helpful, the Picture Perfect workbook [Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos] was tremendous. I feel that working through that alongside the Atlas really helped me extract so much more knowledge than I would have gotten just studying the Atlas alone. I began reaping the benefits even before the exam, as I worked with moms. Thank you all, again, for the amazing support and quality exam prep materials." ~Amy Hall, IBCLC, Harrisonville, MO

If you’ve been tripping over words like craniosynostosis, hypoplasia, nevus, hemangioma, induration or peau d’orange, you’ll find these and other conditions are clearly illustrated in The Breastfeeding Atlas (6th Ed), and by completing the interactive learning exercises in the Workbook, you’ll strengthen your ability to recognize these conditions.

Need CERPs or credits for your nursing license? Enroll in Marie’s course that uses this workbook.

Realizing that half or more of your IBLCE exam score depends clinical photo recognition, when you finish this workbook, you’ll be able to:

  • distinguish among breast/nipple conditions resulting from lactation-related conditions, congenital or acquired conditions, or pathology (infectious disease, autoimmune disease, cancer) and how they affect breastfeeding management.
  • identify feeding-related normal and commonly-encountered abnormal physical findings of the infant/child and how they affect breastfeeding management.
  • recognize indicators of optimal and suboptimal milk production, ejection, and transfer, and how that impacts clinical recommendations.
  • determine how to problem-solve issues related to technological devices associated with breastfeeding and human milk.
  • relate physical indicators of growth and development to feeding management strategies.

Even if you’ve taken one of Marie’s courses in the past—highly acclaimed for Marie’s interactive teaching style—you’ll find even more active learning methods that help you to see clues in photos that typify common and not-so-common conditions in breastfeeding mothers and infants.

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You must have the 6th Edition of The Breastfeeding Atlas to use this workbook.

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