Picture Perfect Seminar

A live one-day seminar designed to help you pass the the IBLCE exam

What Others are Saying about the Picture Perfect Seminar

"[The] course was excellent. She's passionate and easy to learn from. Very comprehensive" ~Stephanie Fisher IIBCLC, Greer SC

"It was worth it - every penny! I feel so much better about navigating the exam." ~Margaret Chiles, BA RNC-MNN IBCLC, Atlanta GA

"The courses were both awesome. Marie is the Breastfeeding Bomb!" ~Melissa Tackett, RN IBCLC, South Charleston WV

"The Picture Perfect Course teaches you to look at the ‘whole’ picture. It gives you strategies to help you succeed on the IBCLC exam. I learned a great deal." ~Susan Gallup, RN MSN CPNP IBCLC, Temple TX

"Yes, go [to Picture Perfect]. It really brings everything you learn in the review course together. I feel so much more confident now." ~Diane Hughes, RPA-C RN IBCLC, Merrick NY

"I was ambivalent about attending [Picture Perfect] but am thrilled that I did and would advise anyone to do so. It was great to have more insight into what the pictures may show and how closely we need to look at them. Thanks Marie!" ~Linda Barbalinardo, RN BSN IBCLC, Glen Ridge NJ

"Simply the best thing I've done for myself! Excellent teacher." ~Brandy Coffee, RN CLC, Tyrone GA

"[The] Picture Perfect Course helps in developing the critical thinking skills needed for the test and real life." ~Teri Lind, RN MS iBCLC, Sunnyvale CA

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