Getting Your 90 Hours of Lactation Education

To become eligible for the IBLCE exam, all candidates must complete 90 hours of lactation specific education. This academic preparation is required whether you are qualifying through Pathway 1, 2, or 3.

We have three great options for you.

Live/Online Course

Our very popular hybrid course has a strong, 4-day live component. Find out why people choose live education. Registration for this course is open now.

All Online Course

If you cannot travel, consider our all online course. Find out why people choose online education. Registration for this course is open now.


Also, you are eligible to earn your Certified Clinical Lactationist™ certification if you take either of our 90-hour courses. What a great FREE opportunity!

If you already have 45 or more of your lactation specific 90 hours, you can use our online Step Up to IBCLC Program to complete your requirement.

Be sure to read more about preparing to become a lactation consultant. 

Choose the option for you below.

Live 90-Hour Course

Online 90-Hour Course

I already have some of my hours