Picture Perfect Seminar

A live one-day seminar designed to help you pass the the IBLCE exam

Course Frequently Asked Questions

You will find most of the answers to your questions in the Course Brochure. Please read it thoroughly before registering for the course.

Click here to view the brochure for the Picture Perfect Seminar.

Is it okay to register on-site the day of the seminar?
Maybe. We can't guarantee there will be space for you. We urge you to call the conference coordinator prior to the day of the event to see if space is available.

Is it okay for my employer to send a purchase order for registration?
Yes. However, as stated in our seminar brochures, payment must be sent by the early-bird deadline in order for you to receive the early-bird discount. A purchase order or voucher is not actual payment.

I am not allowed to fax my employer's credit card number. Can I bring the card and pay on-site, or can I call with the number?
Yes, if you have MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express. Just remember that if you pay on-site, you cannot get the early-bird discount. The seminar registrar may be reached at 703-787-9894.

My manager just found my registration on her desk this morning, and the seminar is tomorrow. What should I do?
Call our office and see if space is available. Say that you are coming, and give the name and phone number of your manager.

I'm registered to attend the seminar and I've paid my registration fee, but something's come up and I can't attend. What do I do now?
Cancellations are subject to a $25 administrative fee when received prior to the cancellation deadline (normally 2 weeks prior to the start of the live course). Because our costs are based on registrations received, no refunds may be given after that date. Call our office at 703-787-9894 and we can discuss options for you to complete your course at another location. If your employer paid for the seminar, and you are unable to attend, a substitute may come in your place. Please notify the registrar at 703-787-9894 or seminars@breastfeedingoutlook.com as soon as possible.

I just found out about the seminar, and I won't be able to attend. Will there be another one soon?
It's very likely! Visit the course web page for details about upcoming events, or e-mail info@breastfeedingoutlook.com if you'd like to receive updates. If there is enough interest, we may be able to set up a seminar in your area.

I need to leave early (or need to arrive late). Will I still get my certificate of achievement?
No. The accrediting agencies require us to award credits only to participants who attend the full program.

I'm an RD. Is the program approved for CPE credit?

My boss wants to pay for five of us to attend. Can she issue just one check?
Sure. Please include 5 separate registrations into the envelope with the check.

Is there homework for the Picture Perfect Seminar?

If your question has not been addressed on this page, please contact the seminar registrar at 703-787-9894 or seminars@breastfeedingoutlook.com