Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship

Scholarship Policies

Who Should Apply

Only first-time IBLCE exam candidates who are eligible to take the IBLCE exam in the year after the scholarship is awarded may apply for the current scholarship year. Previous winners of the Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship may not apply. The Felix Biancuzzo scholarship is not a need-based award. The winner(s) will be chosen by a Selection Committee comprised of Marie Biancuzzo and Breastfeeding Outlook staff members according to the applicant's demonstrated ability to:

  • Complete the scholarship application.
  • Initiate self-learning and develop own knowledge and skills.
  • Become actively aware of and involved in professional or community service activities related to breastfeeding; preference will be given to those who have been active members of breastfeeding coalitions or groups.

Publicity Policy

By applying for the Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship, you give permission for us to use your full name and image on announcements, our websites, and social media should you be selected as the winner(s). Winner(s) are required to provide a color photo (head and shoulders) prior to registering for their course.

Courses Covered

This scholarship will cover course registration fees only (fully or in part) for the live Comprehensive Lactation Course or the online Lactation Consultant Core Concepts Course. Winner(s) will be responsible for any travel, lodging or other costs incurred in the process of attending the live Comprehensive Lactation Course.

Watch for the next application season in May of 2020 for those taking the IBLCE Exam in 2021.

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